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Physical Therapy Session


Get customized hands on treatment and feel better faster

Advanced Orthopedic Manual Therapy is crucial to improving your movement, mobility & reducing pain. This may include:

- Deep tissue sports massage

- Trigger point release

- Myofascial release/Soft tissue mobilization

- Whole body joint mobilization

- Spinal Manipulation

- Y-Strap Neck Traction

- Active Release Technique (ART)

- Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)/Graston

- Hypervolt massage gun treatment

- Cupping therapy

- Muscle Energy Techniques​


We will also perform corrective therapeutic exercises and utilize neuromuscular reeducation techniques to improve your strength and mobility.

impact physical therapy hip and knee flexion
impact physical therapy shoulder massage
impact physical therapy knee range of motion

Impact Body Mobility Evaluation


Find out how well your body is moving with our special screening tool

At Impact Physical Therapy we know how important it is to stay mobile and perform at a high level each day. Our team will:

- Assess your full body mobility

- Make customized recommendations on how to improve & optimize your daily performance.


This will also give insight to any current injuries you may currently have or are at risk for in the future.

TPI Golf Evaluation


Improve your game and play without pain with this custom evaluation

Looking to improve your game? Our TPI Medical Level 2 certified doctor will:

- Evaluate your whole-body functional capacity

- Create a plan to optimize your body to gain distance, accuracy and be able to golf without pain.


The TPI evaluation also includes a customized golf fitness exercise program to continue at home.

golfer physical therapy
normatec compression boots impact physical therapy

NormaTec Compression Treatment


Use the NormaTec boots to help your body recover faster

Recovery is a big factor in performance and injury prevention. Impact Physical Therapy offers the secret tool professional athletes use to train harder, recover faster and perform better - the Normatec Pulse Pro 2.0 Compression Boots. Compression clears metabolic waste, reduces soreness and improves circulation so you can keep training hard and performing your best.

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training




Increase strength, muscle size, and recover faster using BFR training

What is BFR?


Blood flow restriction training is an evidence-based form of training that promotes improvements in strength and endurance at a lower intensity level of exercise by limiting the amount of blood flow supplied to the muscle being targeted. BFR training has been proven to increase strength and muscle size, decrease rehabilitation time, improve cardiovascular endurance, and increase the rate of recovery after strenuous exercise or athletic events.

Is BFR Right for Me?

Read more here!

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Telehealth Physical Therapy & Wellness

Take advantage of a virtual evaluation and follow up visits from home

Improve your health and wellness from a distance with telemedicine. We offer both physical therapy services for those in pain and wellness services for those looking to improve their strength, mobility & body composition.

At Home and In Office Physical Therapy & Wellness Services


We will travel to your home or office and get you the relief you need

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