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Don Feldman
5 star rating

As someone whose been often injured and seen over 15 PTs, I have no hesitation when saying that Dr. Dylann is in a class of his own. I’ve seen him for knee problems, elbow problems and back problems. He doesn’t just help you get better, or “fix” you, he makes sure that you know how to avoid ever being in that situation again. Whether it’s a stretching routine he’s customized for you, or a list of things you should avoid. He always goes that extra mile to make sure you know how to take care of yourself, which is something that really stands out to me.

Ash Ahmad
5 star rating

Dr. Dylann is an incredible person who does his work with passion and empathy. I always leave feeling much better than when I walked in.He is very knowledgeable and has a way of explaining what’s going on with the body in words I can easily understand.I went to him after I began having severe pains in my lower back. With his help, I’m happy to say that I am now completely pain free! I still go to him regularly for my flexibility and posture (welcome to your 40s).

Danny Segal
5 star rating

Dr Dylann worked wonders for me. I’ve had issues with my upper back for a while since I always work on my feet. He was able to fix my pain after a thorough and extremely helpful session. Then moving forward He worked with me to identify  weaknesses in my back and fix my posture so the pain wouldn’t come back. Great people person and great at his job. Would recommend to anyone.

adam cheslow
5 star rating

This is BY FAR the best physical therapy practice I have ever been to. Dr. Dylann is experienced, skilled and approaches treatment and therapy with a scientific mindset and strategy. You know you're working with a doctor who is constantly assessing working to fix your muscle and skeletal imbalances. The full 1 hour sessions are unique and give us enough time to do a TON of amazing hands on treatment as well as exercises that are tailor made for each client. I highly recommend coming here for your physical therapy & wellness needs.

Harry Yatkowitz
5 star rating

Working with Dr. Dylann has been such a pleasure, and has drastically increased my quality of life. His attitude, enthusiasm, and willingness to treat and relieve my pain was extremely welcoming. As a photographer I am required to carry heavy equipment over neck/shoulders and it was becoming very uncomfortable to do simple tasks at work as well as discomfort doing my personal work. Dr Dylann really helped me by identifying and treating my painful areas, explaining where the source of pain comes from, and showing me methods for preventative care.

Anak Shur
5 star rating

Dr. Dylann really helped me regain my mobility after I got into a bad bike accident. Dr. Dylann was very patient with me and explained the steps that we were going to take to get me back to where I used to be. He even took the time to explain the medicine behind what was going on which I really appreciated. It made me feel safe knowing that I was in the hands of somebody so knowledgeable in his field. I would highly recommend Dr. Dylann and Impact Physical Therapy!!

Max Rubin
5 star rating

Dylann was incredibly helpful and gentle to say the least. You see, during this pandemic I’ve found myself playing a lot of video games. At first, everything was fine until two months in my shoulder and hand started hurting. Turns out I had a pinched nerve and it wasn’t a situation where you could unpinch it. The doctor recommended surgery but I’m nervous around needles so I thought I’d try something else. My in-laws recommended Dylann and we’ve been working on exercising and rehabbing my shoulder. The difference a few sessions makes is remarkable. Now I can play video games for longer periods of time.

Kaz A
5 star rating

Dylann is a miracle worker!! I was dreading PT and pushed it off as long as I could until my back pain became unbearable. Not only was he so personable and attentive, but he was able to diagnose what was causing my pain and immediately put a plan in place to begin my therapy.  After just two appointments I was already able to function more normally and was in significantly less pain.  Within a month (four visits) I was no longer feeling any pain.  He also gave me a list of exercises I could do on my own to ensure that I keep the pain at bay.

Harris Maidenbaum
5 star rating

Dylann is like a wizard. A super attentive wizard who can make pain go away and stay away. Not only does he treat the pain, he educates you on why you are experiencing the discomfort and what you can do in your daily routine to make sure the discomfort doesn’t come back.He’s willing to work extra early or late to help a client and he goes out of his way to teach you exercises and movements to do on your own time. He’s the best PT I know.

Betsy Appel
5 star rating

I just had a physical therapy session with Dylann. He was amazing!! He educates you on what’s going on with your body before he dives into his work. And once he’s doing the therapy on your body, he’s gentle and makes sure you’re okay with the movements, but he doesn’t hesitate to make sure he’s really making fixes to your body. 1000% recommend.

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Why should I choose Impact Physical Therapy?

Our treatment philosophy sets us apart from all other clinics. We care about how your entire body is feeling and moving every day - not only when you're injured. At Impact, our dedicated Doctors of Physical Therapy will focus on optimizing your movement and getting to the root cause of your limitations. We exclusively utilize the most effective, evidence based treatment techniques to deliver the fastest results and get you feeling your best.

Do I need a physician’s referral/prescription to attend physical therapy?

No! In New York patients can directly access physical therapy services. Direct access allows patients to be seen for the initial evaluation and then to be treated for a combined total of 30 days without a prescription from a physician or physician extender. At the end of the 30 day period, if further physical therapy services are necessary, a prescription from a physician/physician extender would be required. Although most insurance carriers will provide coverage for physical therapy services provided to a patient utilizing direct access, some may not as policies vary from carrier to carrier. It is the responsibility of the patient to verify their coverage prior to scheduling their first physical therapy appointment.

What should I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit, our doctor will perform a thorough 1 hour evaluation that includes a history, postural & mobility assessment, neurological screening, and specific tests and measures to gain a deeper understanding of your condition. Your physical therapist will use the information obtained from your evaluation to formulate a clinical judgment as to your prognosis and appropriate treatment. A total body enhancement program will be developed based upon the problems identified and your own personal goals.

How long will my visit last?

The initial evaluation and treatment is performed in 1 hour. All follow-up appointments will last approximately 45 minutes and will be one-on-one with the doctor.

What should I wear?

Be sure to bring loose-fitting, comfortable clothing such as a T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers to allow for hands on treatment, evaluation and movement. Clients with a hip, knee, ankle, or foot injury should wear shorts or loose fitting pants to allow proper exposure. Female patients with shoulder dysfunction should wear a tank top or a loose fitting short sleeved shirt to allow adequate exposure of the neck and shoulder complex.

What should I bring with me?

For your first visit you will need your insurance card, and any paperwork that was sent to you that needed to be filled out. If you have any operative reports, MRI or X-ray results, you may bring those as well. Additionally, if you are utilizing any type of brace, splint, or crutches, those should come with you.

Will my insurance cover physical therapy?

Although most insurance companies do cover physical therapy, what they cover specifically varies greatly. Please contact our office for more information regarding your specific insurance policy.

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