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Increase strength, muscle size, and recover faster using BFR training


Is it Safe?


Extensive research has been conducted regarding safety of BFR. BFR is not advised if you have cancer, unmanaged hypertension, lymphedema, active infection, impaired circulation, history of DVT, and other cardiac conditions.

Is BFR Right for Me?


Blood flow restriction training is safe and effective for a wide range of populations and conditions including:

- Pre/Post-Operation

- Musculoskeletal Injuries

- Muscle Strains or Weakness

- Poor Muscular Endurance

- Joint Pain

- Elderly individuals

- Athlete Return-to-Sport Treatment

What is BFR?


Blood flow restriction training is an evidence-based form of training that promotes improvements in strength and endurance at a lower intensity level of exercise by limiting the amount of blood flow supplied to the muscle being targeted. BFR training has been proven to increase strength and muscle size, decrease rehabilitation time, improve cardiovascular endurance, and increase the rate of recovery after strenuous exercise or athletic events.

What Should I Expect?

A cuff is fastened around the top of your arm or leg and pumped up until maximal occlusion of blood flow is measured. The SmartCuffs Pro device will automatically adjust its pressure so that only a certain percentage of blood flow is restricted to the muscles while you exercise. Exercise with BFR is not painful, but your muscles will fatigue more quickly.

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